Avalon NW is hiring.

Like most contractors, do you like to come in grouchy in the morning, take lots of cigarette breaks, tell offensive jokes and make your problems everyone else’s problems? No? Alright.

We are looking for someone who we want to be with 40 hours a week while trying to do our best work and be our best selves.

Most people will not be a good fit for this job. I’m guessing there are a few dozen folks in Seattle with the know-how, skills and desire to build landscapes as well as we like to.  Maybe half that many who can treat a client the right way. And of these folks, how many are really after more than just a job where they put in the hours and go through the motions? And of these, how many have a good attitude, the eye of a craftsman, and the determination to get down and dirty to get a job done?

If you are one of these 5 people, this is the job you’ve been practicing for.

Ideally, the person we hire has experience building top-quality decks, fences, arbors, stone patios, paver patios, stone walls, and block walls and installing irrigation and lighting systems. We’d also like this person to have done some work with fountains, concrete and steel. A cool person with these skills will be very well valued here.

We work only within Seattle-proper. We offer health benefits, vacation and profit sharing, regular company-paid meals and outings, and good vibes. If you care about building awesome outdoor spaces, please give us a shout.